Short Company Profile

Prometeo was established in Milan in 1981. It started developing contracted software for mission-critical applications (MES, Supervision, Telecontrol, Telemetry, Test Systems, Building Automation, Robotics and motion control, HVAC, Home Automation, etc.).
Today Prometeo is a company involved in the distribution and support of technological platforms.
The current portfolio includes:

  1. Softlogic: ISaGRAF (website) from Rockwell Automation
  2. SCADA and HMI: PcVue (website) from Arc Informatique
  3. Industrial Reporting and Business Intelligence: DreamReport (website) from Ocean Data Systems
  4. SCADA for Android: TeslaSCADA (website) from Tesla

Prometeo is cooperating with many industrial and research partners. This makes possible for the company to offer many services and platforms extensions in the following areas:

  1. IEC 61499 programming
  2. dynamic simulation of production systems
  3. solutions for optimal control (predictive/adaptive)
  4. energy saving solutions
  5. Smart Grids supervision and control solutions.